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Company Background

We at the Irvin H. Hahn Company take pride in being an American manufacturer for more than 100 years. Our facility in Baltimore, Maryland has been providing badges and other uniform accessories to service men and women, both locally and nationally since its incorporation in 1898.

Warranty Information

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials in the industry. We back all of our fasteners and applied panels with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects under NORMAL wear and tear. Repair orders are subject to pre-work inspection, and prevailing shipping and handling charges.

Caring For Your Badge

The beauty and shine of your badge can be easily maintained by occasionally cleaning with mild soap and warm water. Next, dry your badge with a soft, clean cloth. Never scrub with a brush or use an abrasive polish or cleaner that will remove layers of plating or any protective coatings that may be applied to certain finishes.

Hard-fired Cloisonne Enamel

The cloisonne enameling process uses colored glass that is fired at 1500 degrees and offers a finished product that, under normal wear and tear, will last for many years. All of our seals, centers, lapel pins, commendation awards, and many other components utilize this high quality enamel. Some badge manufacturers may use either plastic or soft enamel when refering to "enamel" which is substantially softer and does not have the same qualities as our hard fired enamel.

Hahn Plating Finishes

(Please note that not all finishes are available for badges ordered online.)

Rhodium: A plating finish that has the color and shine of silver. Badges are first plated with a layer of nickel and then plated with a bright rhodium layer.

Gold: A deep gold that is plated directly over the raw brass material. Then coated with a clear protectve layer.

Hamilton Gold: A gold tone finish that is first plated with a thin protective layer of nickel. Then a 1-3 mil layer of gold is plated over top giving the badge a very bright and clean finish.

Two-Toned Finishes: Rhodium panels and center on a Hamilton Gold badge backing OR Hamilton Gold panels and center on a Rhodium badge backing.

Hanco-G: A non-precious metal that is gold in color. The metal is throughout the badge and is not plated. The badge is then highly polished and coated with a clear protective layer.

Hanco-S: A non-precious metal that is silver in color. The metal is throughout the badge and is not plated. The badge is then highly polished and coated with a clear protective layer.

Pantone Color Chart

Please click here if you would like to view a pantone color chart when selecting colors for custom designs and artwork.